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2017 HomeMong New Soft Bath Bedroom Floor Shower Round Mat Rug Non-slip (Red)

2017 HomeMong New Soft Bath Bedroom Floor Shower Round Mat Rug Non-slip (Red)

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1PC 40*28cm Non-slip Bath Mats Kitchen Bathroom Home Decor

Im buying for my 12 year old son and his head is pretty big. Do you think it will fit?
Yeah it will definitely fit his head.
By Customer on February 4, 2017
Mine came in with heavy creases from packaging. Is there a way to fix it so it looks like the picture?
I heated it up with a hair drier and fit it tightly on something resembling my head. It fixed itself after that
By ezekiel cervantes on September 29, 2016
My head is about 24". will it fit me or will it make me feel unconfortable?
It actually should fit you perfect. My head is 23 inches and it's a little big. But nothing I can't fix with foam inserts.
By Elliott on October 10, 2016
Does it cover the entire head
Yes entire head is covered, there's a velcro at the back to close it when your head is in.
By Jonathan Savard on August 21, 2016
The mask itself looks gorgeous, but the fitting is a little large.

I have a small head and I'm looking for a smart solution to make it tigher when I wear it.

The eyehole can be somewhat small, but it isn't something a stylus cutter can't fix.
By Patrick Behar on September 8, 2016
You really get what you paid for here. It's not exactly movie-quality, but it's definitely better than anything you'll find on the shelf of your local toy store or shopping center.

The cowl I received had been creased a fair amount, likely due to handling conditions, which isn't a manufacturing problem and can be remedied at home if you know what you're doing. To my surprise, it was a little bit bigger than I expected; I have a fairly large head, and thick hair, so it's quite rare that headgear ever fits loosely on me. Fortunately, if handled with care, it won't take too much doing to tighten the fit to your specific measurements.

The cowl does completely cover your head, which is a big plus, but it doesn't go very far down the neck, meaning that unless you're also wearing something to cover your neck (like a top with a high collar or a scarf), there will likely be some unsightly neck exposure. My biggest complaint, though, is with the ears. Even if you take the time to work out all the unwanted creases in your product, the shape in which the bat-ears of this cowl are molded is best described as "loose". The ears curve too smoothly into the head, making them look less like pointy ears and more like awkward corners. But if you know a thing or two about costume production, it may very well be possible to better shape this molding for a more refined and appealing look.

If you purchase this cowl, don't expect to receive a film-quality replica of the cowl Ben Affleck wears as his version of the Batman. This product is certainly not without flaws; the abrupt cutoff of the neckline and lack of definition in the ears keep this product from being the best it can be. But even with those issues considered, this cowl is certainly at a higher level of quality than anything you're likely to find in stores. If you have the know-how and dedication to refurbish it to your needs, this cowl is definitely worth a look for your costume, be it for a fan-project, a cosplay for a conversation, or just for fun. Definitely worth the price I paid for it.
By Amazon Customer on November 1, 2016
Not a bad mask. It takes some effort to get the ears to stand up straight but, stuffing them to form and using a warm blow dryer helps. Use some sand paper around the inner eyes to get rid of the ridge. It tends to catch on the cheek and make the mask look funky. Fits a bit big but you can wear a beanie under it and/or pad the forehead for a better fit. Might even add a but of Velcro to the back to tighten it a bit.
By Savage on September 17, 2017
It might just be because the material got... persuaded.. while being cramped up in shipping, but the inner corner on one of the eyes was basically bent in and pokes me in the eye and is uncomfortable to wear. I think I saw a suggestion to heat it up and manipulate the rubber/plastic/whatever to form fit better though, but that's kind of a disappointment to put in maintenance on a product to make it fit right with first use. Plus I guess its my own fault for not really paying attention to the picture for how low it goes. I have the Bale Batman mask too and that covers down more of your neck, which is nicer.
By Jon L-W on May 11, 2017
I ordered this mask because I like the look of the new Batman cowl. It looks great, save for a few creases. When putting it on, the neck part is a little tight getting past, but then once it's on your head, it's somewhat large. I had to stuff a sock behind my head so that the mask would fit snugly. It's held together with stitched velcro, so creative people migtht be able to customize their fit perfectly. All in all, I'm satisfied with the mask and the purchase.
By Batmanfan254 on November 4, 2016
This "cheaper" model was of better quality than the deluxe $30 mask. Only two issues that I had were that the ears tended to "flop", but I have added some foam in them so that they remain in shape. And the second was that the velcro, which was stitched into the mask and is used to close the cowl. It ripped at the seem within only 3-4 wears. I needed to fix this as well, but for the price, it was and easy fix.
By Amazon Customer on September 25, 2017
This is an awesome looking Mask. That being said, it's quality is poor. The material itself is fine, but it doesn't keep its shape. It was bent up from packaging and I couldn't get it back to a wearable form. The eye holes also had a ridge of plastic that dug into my eyes. I had to return it.
By cicatriz on February 1, 2017
Came folded up in shipment and had to try to re shape it but the folds never left and the right eye would poke out at the corner closest to the nose so it looked like Batman met Negan from The Walking Dead. Face was really misshapen and not worth the money I paid for it.
By Jim Bob The Bald on October 31, 2016