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Presto Steam Gauge for Pressure Canner

Presto Steam Gauge for Pressure Canner

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The steam gauge registers pressure readings during canning and cooking. Includes gauge, rubber washer, metal washer, and nut.

Item exactly as the manufacturer describes. It is perfect replacement for those of us that do not read the instructions first and over tighten with a wrench, when it says to finger tighten! I'm not sure if the actual stem that goes down inside the pressure canner is made of plastic or a very soft metal, but it will break if you over tighten it. I thought since it was going to be under pressure that it would need to be snugged down pretty good, but apparently I was wrong and quickly found that out.

After a couple day set back waiting on the part to ship and arrive, I installed it and we started canning beans from our garden. It worked just like it was supposed to and read the pressure inside the canner great. My family has used presto pressure canners for decades, so it was a no brainer for me when I was looking for a canner of my own to purchase.
By Brandon on July 28, 2016
Same gauge as the one that is $25 at your local hardware and the shipping was fast but unfortunately I also got the wrong one the first time. I too needed the # 85729...When you cut the old rubber gasket out you will see a hexagon shape (six sided) the new plug fits this shape and you just screw the gauge in...no nut on the inside....PS took the wrong one back no problem...Got the right one and off and canning again
By Mr. B on August 6, 2012
After contacting the manufacturer about this part, and making sure I ordered the correct one, I placed my order. The NEXT day (AWESOME JOB, !) I received the part. Unfortunately, it didn't work for my model 178005. My model comes with a rubber gasket that affixes to the bottom of the gauge, and this part # does not work (the thread pattern is the wrong one). I am not rating the part any less than five stars because it was in perfect condition, and would have worked if my pressure cooker was made in the U.S. (We found that part out after the fact from the manufacturer-Presto-when I asked them about it. Even though I bought the unit over 25 years ago in Oklahoma, they told me I received a Canadian model.)

Long story short, if you look at the underside of your lid, and there is a black rubber seal around the base of the gauge (and the gauge does NOT have a nut securing it to the lid), you will need part # 85729. The online guides and the Presto website will tell you differently, but according to Linda at NPI Customer Service- Presto, this is the correct part number.
By teemee234 on January 14, 2012
I am so glad to get another steam gauge. I have had an old one for a long time and haven't had it checked so here we go now I will feel better haven't used it yet.
By Magpie on August 18, 2017
More canning equipment that needed replacing for SAFE results! I was happy with the delivery - on time, great packaging and perfect product! Could not want better!
By Rhonda Beatty-Gallo on August 27, 2017
Great Product. Great price. Timely delivery.
By Aaron Funk on March 27, 2017
Hubby, who wanted to know "exactly" how much pressure was in my "rocker weight" pressure cooker loves this. He now does all the canning (and does it outside with propane) - I really like that! He drilled a hole in the top of my existing canner which didn't have a pressure gauge to attach it - don't worry, he knows what he's doing. Now he's in pressure cooker heaven. Yay! No more hot sweaty canning for me.
By Sha on August 31, 2014
Did not work at all, this would be the second one I buy. Might have to get a different pressure cooker. Not happy.
By Irene S. on May 10, 2017